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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Three B’s of a Healthy Marriage

Bedroom Drama

To have a healthy marriage, sex and lots of it should be a top priority. Boring sex is a no, no! Explore different positions (buy a Kama Sutra book or Google search). To the husbands, satisfy a woman’s emotional needs and she will be more motivated to make time for more sex. To the wives, don’t withhold sex from your husband as a “punishment,” instead use it to make up sooner.  Keep things fresh and romance novel like J be very clear and open about your preferences and expectations sexually. What are your views regarding infidelity? Of course it doesn’t stop here; there is a whole lot more on this topic to explore.


When I make reference to balance I mean getting rid of power struggle, don’t try to control your partner. I also mean meeting each other’s needs. Don’t expect to always get, and never give.

Give your partner room to fulfill their dreams and goals, offer guidance if you can, leave out negative judgment. While your partner is pursuing their own interest, go after yours as well. You don’t want to give up all your dreams and goals to help your partner fulfill his/her own, as it’s highly likely that you will have regrets in the future, when you realize you have not accomplished anything personally. 


The success of marriages depends heavily on bonding. A huge mistake couples make is assuming their bond will last because of their love for each other. Without hard work, this connection will be lost! Be intentional in finding strategies to strengthen your union.
So, slow it down! Take your time in spending quality time together. Date nights once a week; no interruptions from children, just you and your partner alone. Hold hands, hug and kiss frequently, looking into each other’s eye when you talk, find hobbies/actives to do together; so as to create memorable memories.

Keep searching for ways to strengthen your marriage together. Improving in the areas on these “B’s will sure to help in sustaining a strong marriage. 

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