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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Involuntary Side Chick

It’s my opinion that, most women who are side chick are unaware that they are. Unfortunately or fortunately; whichever way I decide to look at the situation, I too was an involuntary side chick. After reflecting on this past experience, I came to realize that there were telltales that I was a side chick, but I missed them. Let me share with you three major signs I missed.
He/She Lives Where?
After dating for quite some time, knowing where your partner lives is a must. The option to visit should at least be on the table. The secrecy of residence could mean he/she is not comfortable with the aesthetics of the house or hiding a family inside. Question his family history; if it’s mystery, chances are you are a side chick. 

Did I Hear His Phone Vibrate?

The phone goes on silent or vibrates when you go out (nowhere public). Question the reason for doing this and don’t fall for the; I want undisturbed quality time with you, or I forgot to put it back to ring after leaving the office etc. Then there is the issue of answering the phone, but then walks away and asks to be excused. Be alert of the phone issue.

Not Seeing You Again this Christmas?

You are highly likely a side chick if you never spent a holiday together. Being extremely busy during the holidays, family emergencies increase (someone in the hospital). Plans are made for the next holiday, but are then canceled at last minute.
I am confident that if you keep your eyes open, and you ask all the necessary questions you will find out if you are an involuntary side chick. Let my experience prevent you from making the same mistake.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Why I Love My Husband

I think, many wives around the world have questioned why in the world they got married! “What have I gotten myself into?” They might question, especially after a disagreement, and you are blinded by anger and your entire marriage just seems like a blur. I must confess that I have had several of those moments.  However, after the storm he quickly reminds me of why I love him.  So, this one is dedicated to my husband with love.  Here are my top 5 reasons why I love you.  

Love Your Smile

Yes, when he smiles he looks a 100 times more handsome, but my reason is that when he smiles he “really smiles,” you see it in his eyes, so you can tell it is coming from his heart. Under 30 years and he already has those smile lines at his eyes.  I can boast that I have contributed greatly to some of those lines. I love his smile secondly, because when he smiles it’s so contagious I can’t help but smile right back. When I start getting those lines from smiling back, I will wear them with pride.

My Mr. Handy Man

I love how he can fix just about anything! It’s just a God given gift.  When he has no experience in fixing a specific item, best believe he is “Googling”  95% of the time he is successful! I am always in awe.  I think it’s because he has a brilliant mind, he is analytical and doesn't limit himself to what he can do. Not limiting myself, is the lesson I want to take from him.

My Personal “Chef”

Thank you mother-in-law you taught him well! Without any shame, I admit that what I know now in the kitchen I learnt from him. Yet, no matter how hard I try, if I follow his directions my version of the dish just always seem like the “knock off” version.  *smiles* I love that when he eats my knock off dishes, he learnt overtime to criticize constructively without hurting my feelings.  I appreciate greatly when he calls to say I’ll prepare dinner today, I get supper excited and so does my taste buds and belly. 

Love Your Dedication to our Little Family

I know he really loves me because I am some kind of crazy sometimes. I am miserable and can get really negative about things, when I am upset I say things that I really shouldn't (God and I are working on my flaws). Yet, he is still here loving me through my flaws. 
I love how the children love him.  They miss him when he is away, and they laugh a lot when he is around.  He is a great father; he really puts a lot into making them happy.

Love that You Love the Lord

This is by far the most important to me. This family wouldn't be holding together if you didn't love the Lord, and have a personal relationship with him. Lord knows, you need lots of prayer to deal with my stubbornness.  Keep loving the Lord and guarantee that I will keep loving you!