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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Single on Valentine's Day

I see a lot of photos going around my Facebook news feed; they are on the subject of being single on Valentine’s Day. They are meant for laughs, but none I found funny. Here is what I have to share about being single on Valentine’s Day; your relationship status doesn’t define you; your identity is not your relationship status.

Embrace and Love Being Single
There are wonderful benefits when you’re single. No need to fight over the remote control, you can be as messy or as clean as you wish in your living space, you can stay out as long as you wish, spend your money how and on what you want etc. Yes, there is a strong message you receive from couples; but remember, what you see is not always the true reflection of their story. Don’t be fooled by the hype, that your “coupled” friends are happy because they are paired off. I know many single happy people, but we don’t recognize this because it is simple just not “fashionable” so, it is not highlighted in political discourse or the media.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed by Emotions
Around this time a lot of romance is in the air. The “need” to find your true love has heightened; but be patient, you’ll find him/her someday. There are plenty more Valentine’s Day ahead, and lots of potential mates. Until you two meet, spend the time to work on the person you are. Define your values clearly and what you want/expect from a relationship, and how you will contribute to it being the best.

Be Your Own Valentine
Self-love is very important; you must first be able to love yourself before you can truly love someone else. As you go about your everyday life, this “love season” will have you salivating for chocolate; teddy bears etc. instead of going around with the feeling of longing for something off the shelf - treat yourself, splurge and buy something “you absolutely must have.” Deprivation is not the order of the day.

What Happens on the 15th?

Life goes back to normal. Majority of the lovers who went down memory lane, and gifted each other go back to being too busy, unromantic and will only wait till next year to buy another “sweet gift.” The day is only 24 hours, like everything else, it too shall pass. 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentine Gift Ideas for Her

I don’t know if these are general valentine’s gift ideas for women, but I really think many women would love at least one of these gifts. Men, I know you need help figuring out what to get your lover this year. Some of you might even plan a break up, or have already called off the relationship just to avoid this Valentine’s Day mushy stuff lol. (I hope this is really not true.) I hope these five simple suggestions make you less panicky.
1)     Uninterrupted Quality Time
I read in the book His Needs, Her Needs by W. Harley that one of a woman’s basic needs is quality time. She wants to spend some time with you, to talk, share her dreams and watch a movie together, among other things. This time is uninterrupted - no children, no phone calls and certainly no social media to post what you are doing during the course of your special time together. So, if you have been very busy and hardly found time to spend together, she would love very much if you gave her some quality time. Do some rescheduling, and make it happen.
2)     Shoes
I am yet to find a woman who doesn’t love shoes. I think that the first thing a woman notices about another woman’s outfit are her shoes. Then we start to think would I wear that? Where did she get it, I want one! Women spend a lot of time window shopping for shoes. I cannot see how you would go wrong if you took her shoe shopping, gave her a gift certificate from her favourite shoe store, or do the shopping yourself and surprise her with a really hot pair of shoes. *You will more than likely get “lucky” later on and she may just be wearing ONLY the shoes.
3)     Spa Day
We ladies love pampering! Can I get an AMEN! We enjoy getting our hair done, the manicure and pedicure and I won’t leave out the body massage. Especially hard working mothers, they would love this time to unwind and relax *and to temporarily forget about all the tasks they have to complete. However, in these economically difficult times, your pocket might not be able to go as deep so as to afford sending her to a spa. Therefore, I suggest you take up the challenge and do it yourself. Watch some “how to” videos online, you might not be able to do it as well as the professionals, but she will love your efforts.
4)     Chocolate
Some clichés I believe should remain a part of Valentine’s Day. Buying her chocolate is certainly on *my list. There is just something about chocolate that a girl finds hard to resist. If you are dating or together long enough, by now you should know her favourite kind/s. But, if the relationship is still young, get her a box of assorted chocolates to play it safe.

(5)   Electronics
In this technological age, women are very much a part of the love/craze for electronics like their male counterpart. We want phone upgrades, the tablets, music players etc. too.

Now men, go out and shop, shop, shop! Use this guide to personalize and fit into something your lover will love, and love you more for it.  

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many wives and girlfriends around the world are in shopping mode. Men, in my opinion are a little bit harder to shop for.  In this article, I will try to turn the shopping drama down a notch. Here are my top 5 gifts to choose from.

Prepare a Special Meal
I heard that men love women who can cook. If this is true for you; try a new recipe, a random pick from Google maybe, one from a family member or friend, or get creative and come up with something on your own; whatever you are comfortable with. If you are like me, and only know a thing or two in the kitchen, you’ll want to practice before the 14th. If you have zero skills in the cooking department, take him out to a nice restaurant and pay for it. Ordering is an option too. Make it special by looking your best as you serve the meal, add the cliché candles to the table, appropriate music in the background, you see where I am going with this?

Men Love their Electronics
I think you simply cannot go wrong here, even if it might seem as if he has it all, one of his “toys” could be upgraded. An electronic for his “other woman”, his car, might even make him super happy. Keep your ears open, he just might be hinting (or outright telling you not so subtly) what he wants.

Just for Him Personal Hygiene Set
In the animal kingdom, many animals use scents to attract a potential mate. But since you have already snatched him up, you’ll want to send him out smelling real good and have him return smelling good as you welcome him home. An ideal set should include: before and after shave, shampoo and conditioner, soap, lotion and face cleaners. Keep in mind that they shouldn't smell like roses and peach, maybe something woody/earthy.

Photo Frame
Photos frame, just the perfect size for his desk at work. Personally, I would go with a digital photo frame. Create a photo memory, select photo taken together having fun and photos of you. The selection is all up to you, so get creative.

Tool Kit
If your man is the “I can fix just about anything” kind of guy like my husband J, he will love a tool kit if for some strange reason he doesn't already have one. If he does, it could be upgraded, a bigger one with more tools so he can do more. If he is not a “mister fix it,” just maybe having the tool kit will inspire him.

However you decide to “gift” your love one, be sure to give it with a willing heart. Be thoughtful in your selection and you won’t go wrong.