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Friday, 24 October 2014

It’s My Birthday!!!!

I was always big on celebrating my birthday; from as far back as I can remember.  I made a huge deal over it, threw hints or be very straight forward about the gifts I would like. I try to do something different with my hair, buy two new outfits, one for going out on my birthday, and one for church.  Since I got married; it dawned on me that my birthday celebrations will need some adjusting, as my husband views birthdays as “just another ordinary day!” can you imagine? These are just some reasons I celebrate my birthday with confetti and drums. I am slowing dragging him to celebrate his birthday just as loud.
Age 26 2014  Wined and Dined by the Hubby 

   I am Alive!
I have lived to see another year!! This reason is definitely my number one. Celebrating my birthday is absolutely much better than celebrating my death. Yes, even in death I would want a huge celebration.
Age 22, Pirate themes boat trip

   I Grow in Wisdom
I have one grey hair on my leg to prove it! I no longer make the same mistakes in my teen years or early twenties. I look forward to all the life lessons before me.
Age 21, Glamour Shot Photo Shoot

 More Accomplishments
As I got older the more I accomplished. Looking back, I know for sure I have not done my best in all things. But I am very proud of myself for completing. At my age, I have a Bachelor’s Degree; I wear the hat of wife, mother and entrepreneur. I see myself in the future still wearing these hats, but wearing them with more sophistication.
Age 20, What did I do this year? 

  More Time to Love
Having a partner to love another year is awesome! Hugging my children and loving them every day is wonderful! Another birthday means more opportunity to say I love you and prove it.
Age 19, lol Guess I love the Photo Studio 

Another year was granted to reflect on how merciful my God has been to me. I see my countless blessings, and I am GRATEFUL. My journey is really appreciated because of the miles I put in. I plan to burn the tires out on life by creating more memorable moments.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the celebration of my birthdays so far. My Family, Mother (Annie, Marlo ), Father ( Devon ), Aunt (Marvette),  Aunt ( Nicolette), Sister (Shandece). My Husband of course Mallor. 

My Friends. Oneisha, long distance but she sure does make her mark on all my birthdays. Love you girly, lots lots. Stephi-Ann, Kerry-Ann, and Carene. Thanks ladies for the part 2 of my recent birthday celebrations. Duklon! Guess this is another thank you? Marlon, I cannot leave you out of this one, Merci.  I really hope I didn't miss anyone. Thank you, thank you!