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Monday, 10 March 2014

Should I Use a Double Barrel Name?

When I was on the dating scene, after being girlfriend for a while I used to put our last names together. Why? To find out if it sounded good and had a cool ring to it, lol, Britton-Delisser, Britton-Bryan etc. None had that wow factor I was hoping for. Britton just wasn't working with any other surname. But,  I knew for sure that I was not going to give it up, whoever my husband was going to be could not have any hang ups about me keeping my name. They are not many Brittons, well not many I know of and it makes me feel very special; I wanted to remain in this unique circle, so when I got married I became Britton-Edwards.
I took some time to ask several persons with double barrel names; and several who changed theirs and took on their husband’s name the reason for their choice. Among the well thought-out reasons, the following stood out.

Changing Your Last Name Shows Unity
Those who choose to take on their husband’s name and not keep their maiden name did so to show unity. It gives them a sense of oneness, the coming together to create a harmonious new family. For others, “leaving and cleaving” also meant letting go of the name that was given by the man who was responsible for them, since they would now belong to another man; both good reasons for taking on their new name.

A Sense of Family Identity
The double barrel name holders kept their maiden name and added the new name so they can hold on to their first family identity. Staying true to their roots, building on what they know to create something new and different.

When getting married, a lot of things need to be considered. Your name choice is one of them. Time should be spent talking to your spouse- to -be about this decision. Don’t assume that he or she knows your preference. Be clear about everything, then come to a decision that both parties are happy about.