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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Christians and "Dirty Talk"

I think most Christian couples choose not to use similar words in bed as they would with their teachers, friends etc.  A line is drawn for the type of language they use due to a number of personal choices that are influenced by many different things. There are those who when they hear an expletive (‘bad word’) in bed they are reminded of a culture they want to be separated from. However, for others, using these words is the primary source of an intense arousal.

You have those Christians who you will never hear utter a word of expletive no matter how keenly you are trying to listen. But, you might be shocked if you should listen in on their bedroom actions, because when they are with their partners no word is taboo; since they have built a relationship of respect and trust with each other. So when their spouse tells them exactly how they are feeling and thinking sexually, whatever word is used to describe it; makes it that much hotter for them. They are not offended because they are fully aware that their partner is not saying it with any disrespect at all. Yes, they are Christians who find ‘dirty talk’ erotic. Personally as long as the words are not used out of context there won’t be any confusion. If it is that you walk around telling persons to “F-OFF” or call them derogative names stemming from body parts the feeling might be different, but if the words are only used in the bedroom you may find they bring spice to the relationship.

If you desire to start incorporating ‘dirty talk’ begin with something that has a little more edge from what you are used to. Maybe you’re usually quiet during the act; begin then with saying what you are thinking, tell your spouse what you want them to do. If usually you say “Are you up for sex tonight?” why not try “I have the hots for you now, I want you inside me.” It’s not a guarantee that all the time the words will feel right. Variety DOES offer SPICE to life. SO begin with small changes and discover what the both of you will like. Every couple’s comfort level is different, so experiment and find out what yours is.

Certain words, due to culture or personal life experiences, bring up feelings of disrespect, oppression and in turn make you feel dirty. So, if you’re uncomfortable with the words your partner uses during intercourse, speak up! On the other hand, if it is something that you WANT to try; SPEAK UP as well.