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Friday, 5 October 2012

The Hypocrisies of Men

Men are going to see this title and think “another woman bitching about men,” but that is not the case, these are just observations and after reading and you put away your manly pride you will agree they are true. I on no gender’s side, go ahead read my article on The Hypocrisies of Women.

The hypocrisy of men and their freedom
For the majority of men, even the idea of committing themselves to one woman feels like a life sentence in a room with huge ants eating them alive. This hated “c-word” means to you financial devastation, sacrificing your options of varied sexual partners, loss of independence and the list could go on.

Well men women fear their loss of freedom too! We like the idea of deciding we want to go here today, use our money and buy this, stay over a friend without being questioned the next day etc. But until you are ready to commit I think you should stay away from making advances to woman. The relationship won’t work if you have so many fears. I understand that men naturally are very independent but admit it, deep down you desire love and affection from that one special person and in order to find this love you have to grow some manly balls and get over it!

The hypocrisy of men and their loss of space
I get it that you crave your “manly space” for watching action flicks, tools, cars etc. you fear that when women come around all this will change, you now have to watch some romance flicks from time to time, your  prized leather couch will have to be removed, the windows now have frilly curtains etc. But guess what guys, we women are losing our space too; you are not the only “victims” to relationships. 

Most women love shoes  we worry about where our prized collection will go when we move in. Stop acting like you sit and let women push you around, admit it, the women in your lives sometimes have to put up with action flicks and car shows too. In a relationship you win some and you lose some. We might lose our “womanly space” of staying in bed late on weekends to read a romance novel or just think about the past week and the week to come.  We have lost that space to maybe making breakfast for the men in our lives. So, stop pretending you are the only victims to loss of space, grow some manly balls and get over it!

The hypocrisy of men and their fear of only one partner
This one calls for a LOL! Men the women you are sleeping around with is an indication that they enjoy sexual freedom too don’t you think?  Sadly, gone are the days when partners get together as virgins and lose their virginity to each other in marriage. I might be rude to be speaking as if this is the case for all women, but they can disagree.  Some women have this fear too, the difference is, society dictates that women who had several sexual partners are sluts, hoes etc. and the men are praised as it shows their manhood. Therefore, women are more hush hush about their sexual encounters.

One partner for us also means getting bored, lack of desire just like men do. But women have an additional fear, not having another orgasm again! Why? because the guy they now commit to just don’t “put it on” like another guy she has been with. Men, I ask you this, was their ever a sexual encounter of yours that you didn’t orgasm? If that happens, you find the nearest doctor because you think something must be wrong. However, for women not getting an orgasm in a sexual encounter happens maybe more often than we want it to. So, man up, buy some books and get to reading and spice up your sex life with the ONE partner. And when I say this, I say it to both men and women.

All aspects of relationships and how to make them work can be found in the Bible! The Lord knew what would cause problems in our relationships and he made preparations for us to make them work. Open its pages and start looking; it truly will be worth your while.