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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many wives and girlfriends around the world are in shopping mode. Men, in my opinion are a little bit harder to shop for.  In this article, I will try to turn the shopping drama down a notch. Here are my top 5 gifts to choose from.

Prepare a Special Meal
I heard that men love women who can cook. If this is true for you; try a new recipe, a random pick from Google maybe, one from a family member or friend, or get creative and come up with something on your own; whatever you are comfortable with. If you are like me, and only know a thing or two in the kitchen, you’ll want to practice before the 14th. If you have zero skills in the cooking department, take him out to a nice restaurant and pay for it. Ordering is an option too. Make it special by looking your best as you serve the meal, add the cliché candles to the table, appropriate music in the background, you see where I am going with this?

Men Love their Electronics
I think you simply cannot go wrong here, even if it might seem as if he has it all, one of his “toys” could be upgraded. An electronic for his “other woman”, his car, might even make him super happy. Keep your ears open, he just might be hinting (or outright telling you not so subtly) what he wants.

Just for Him Personal Hygiene Set
In the animal kingdom, many animals use scents to attract a potential mate. But since you have already snatched him up, you’ll want to send him out smelling real good and have him return smelling good as you welcome him home. An ideal set should include: before and after shave, shampoo and conditioner, soap, lotion and face cleaners. Keep in mind that they shouldn't smell like roses and peach, maybe something woody/earthy.

Photo Frame
Photos frame, just the perfect size for his desk at work. Personally, I would go with a digital photo frame. Create a photo memory, select photo taken together having fun and photos of you. The selection is all up to you, so get creative.

Tool Kit
If your man is the “I can fix just about anything” kind of guy like my husband J, he will love a tool kit if for some strange reason he doesn't already have one. If he does, it could be upgraded, a bigger one with more tools so he can do more. If he is not a “mister fix it,” just maybe having the tool kit will inspire him.

However you decide to “gift” your love one, be sure to give it with a willing heart. Be thoughtful in your selection and you won’t go wrong.