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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Is Your Husband Paying for Sex?

Many women would agree that men testosterone surpasses women about 10 times as much. They pretty much wouldn't mind having sex every day. Most women prefer not to every day, they believe there are other things to do. 
The question is, wouldn’t wives be more willing to have sex when the husband’s want if they got paid? Being paid for sex has sigma of prostitution attached to it. The husband’s in some households give their spouse money to “run” the home, if the wife is a stay at home mom; where will that extra money come from to buy other things she need?
Maybe with the paying agreement there will be less fighting. Love alone cannot keep the marriage afloat, love can’t pay the bills right?
I asked myself this question and I came up with several different answers, viewing this issue from varied angles.
Answer #1- Women are being paid by some means or the other. Being it, men investing their time, emotions and even attention to receive what they desire. Maybe there is even bartering buying gifts, men come home with a box of chocolate and some wine; almost guarantee sex later.
Answer #2- Paying for sex is not just a “stigma” in my mind it is the accurate definition. Paying for sex will cheapen your wife, and in my book you are a true bastard. This idea is wrong on many different levels.
Answer #3- Being a husband or wife is more than just playing the role of a playmate. There must be mutual understanding and respect too.  If you supposedly pay your wife for sex out of “love”, very quickly you will realize your wife is losing her respect for you.
Answer #4- The act of sex is consensual. When you pay your wife for sex, is comes across as if she this is the only way she is obligated to make her gross. Somewhat a sex slave for me since my “body” is priceless and my husband wouldn’t be able to afford sex from me. Paying for something that should be free out of love for you makes you pathetic.
Answer #5- Any women who agrees on being paid for sex in my mind is skanky, trashy and cheap. If you can only get sex from your women if she is paid, it’s simple; she doesn't love you!