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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Talk up Spouse

I have learnt that if you say or do positive things, positive things will return to you. To be happily engaged in a relationship there are a few things I realize that needs to be said to your spouse on a regular basis. Every day for that matter is an excellent move. Below are my top five things to say daily.
I love you
Everybody loves hearing these three simple yet very direct and powerful words. Say it with meaning, not for just saying it sake. Many believe the lie that your spouse doesn’t need to hear this, because your spouse already knows. This is not true!! Still say it, a very pleasant reminder it is.
I am so blessed to have married you!
This one sure does touch your spouse heartstrings. Let him or her know how blessed you are to be afforded the opportunity to spend the rest of your life with the one you love.
You are so handsome/beautiful
Couples that stay happily married are genuinely attracted to each other. This attraction is both physically and psychologically. When you tell your partner how attractive they are it’s a great statement of love. For me, I prefer to hear it from my husband than others.  
Seek Opinions
This demonstrates to your spouse you value his/her opinion. In life your second most trusted advisor is your spouse, God is first. Seeking the opinion of your spouse about problems shows your acknowledging their wisdom and in turn builds a bond between the couple. Well at least this is what I believe.
Point out your Spouse Strengths
I am famous for these words “oh honey you can cook for me any day!” ensure though you are pointing out a true strength. Each day try to find a new strength of your spouse to highlight.

Start these habits ASAP! These little things matters greatly in a marriage.