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Friday, 3 January 2014

Difficult Truth's About the "Love Thing"

There is no guaranteed method to enter the love game, and it is definitely not foolproof, nor is there a “how-to guide” exists that’s universal or comprehensive. Unfortunately, this is true regardless of how many books (manuals) are on the market about relationships. All us bloggers and Authors (I’m getting there), have to offer are suggestions and philosophies that might have worked for a reasonable number of people. Each couple has their special love insanity brand, so no matter how great an insight is; it might not fit your relationship puzzle. 

It’s hard to digest that you can get bored and tired of love. We fail to mention that, despite how great the relationship is and how happy you are, there will be times you wish you were single again. You might even become really attracted to someone else that you lay eyes on; their voice, their smell as they walk by, and though there is no doubt you love your mate; you want the other person so much you almost become intoxicated. Yes, you may not act on this attraction (hopefully), but you hate yourself just the same.

It is highly likely that you will fall in the love trap of several “Mr. or Mrs. Wrong” before finding the right person. Each time you fall, in order to experience the true love of “Mr. or Mrs. Right,” you have to forget the hurt from past relationships and take with you the lessons learnt. You have to let yourself sober up completely, to really revel in the joys of love.

“Mr. or Mrs. Right,” is a mystery. This person technically, understands you, fit into your life’s framework, warm, supportive, keeps your anxiety to a minimum, etc. However, these criteria are extremely hard to find in just one individual, so you need to think carefully about what you are looking for. 
Another thing - there is no such thing as being ready for love. We sometimes make this huge hoopla about “being ready” and the “right time” to enter a relationship; this idea is nonsense. Yes, you are busy with school or starting a new career, but do you quit your job if you now decide to begin a routine workout? No, you make the necessary rearrangements in your schedule. The same should be for relationships; you make a mental, emotional and whatever other necessary “schedule” when someone comes along.
Finally, heartbreak should equal a good experience for you. The annoying optimists are right on this one; be appreciative of your heartbreaks,  look at them from a “bright side” perspective and use them as a stepping stone to doing things differently the next time around. Hey, no one said it would be easy, but it sure is fun, especially when it is right.