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Friday, 10 January 2014

Safeguard your Marriage Against Social Media

We could conclude that all the social media sites are just harmless, fun ways to share our lives with our friends, families, acquaintances etc. However, if used inappropriately, it can be problematic to our relationships; dating who are dating, married couples, child and parent, our relationship with God etc. need protecting from the possible pitfalls of social media. These are a few practical ways to avoid problems.
Keep an eye on the clock
There is such a thing as using too much of your time doing social media activities. In this busy world, between our careers, school, hobbies etc. our relationships suffer because there is not enough time to spend with those we care about.  Ironically, we don’t have this trouble of finding the time to keep connected with everyone in the world, but if asked for quality with our spouse, we often times use the “busy card” as an excuse. *As such, we need to be careful and schedule an appropriate time for social media activity and make more time for God, family and friends.
Airing Dirty Laundry is a NO-NO
It is inappropriate to post any form of grievances that will cause embarrassment to those we love and care about on social media. Sometimes even our posts about our significant others that were intended to be humorous are not received as such by the readers, because they don’t know the exact context to correctly determine if the update is meant to be spiteful or just a joke. Furthermore, what you might consider a joke may upset your loved ones. To those that are married, your marriage should always be presented positively, be it offline or online if you chose to talk about it in the social media.
Be Mindful of What you Share

Getting our family and friends involved in our lives via social media is easy and very fun. Because this is true, if we get carried away and share too much intimate details about our lives, this might seem harmless and innocent, but it is has huge potential to destroy that special intimacy needed to preserve our relationships; marriage and otherwise. Social media don’t need to know about every dinner date or weekend away at a hotel, and definitely not about you wanting to kill your partner because of something s/he may have done, etc. So, think carefully before you share.

Make the Rules Together

This simply means making sure you and your loved ones are on the same page on social media etiquette. Determine together what personal information can be shared. Before uploading pictures, make sure it is approved by your partner first etc.

Exchange your passwords

Yes I said it, exchange your passwords. I personally believe your spouse should know all your online passwords. It is a reflection of commitment, openness, accountability and how much you trust your spouse with the information. Additionally, it proves your interactions online are appropriate; therefore, you are not hiding anything.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to filter what you share on social media. Your contacts only have the information you share. So share information that won’t be a threat to your relationships.