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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Negative Side of Interracial Relationships

Yes I must admit interracial relationships have become very common recently, question is, are they actually working? A relationship is hard enough when two people from complete different backgrounds. Yes it is normal in all relationship to have many challenges. But with added challenges such as different customs and cultures, the communication barrier becomes more difficult. This results in greater misunderstandings, carrying more grief and pain to a relationship.

Not only will interracial relationships cause the individuals involved to be unhappy, it can also affect your family members. Also there might be the challenge with language barriers, limiting how harmoniously the families interact with each other. This might result in broken relationships because of unnecessary conflicts.
If the couple crossed the first bridge and they get married. Different problems will arise. The challenge of deciding which culture the child belong to, the cultural value best for the child, will your child have difficulty coping; because they are being ostracized for being mixed. This may result in your child confused about their heritage and identity.  
It is a matter we try very hard to ignore. Persons from different cultures have many challenges that will cause extra strain on a marriage/relationship. They have different lifestyles, ideas, beliefs, customs and backgrounds. Opposite might attract, however not always. 

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