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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Perfect Number is Still Seven!

A lot of us need relationship Doctors, (smile) but many of us can’t afford this. So what better way to get advice than from those who have been there? After conversations with those married couples in my closer circle, I have come to realize that the perfect number is still SEVEN! Below are seven features I found that are common in these healthy relationships.
       1)  Love
Love is what brought us into marriage, it must still be there throughout the relationship and when one leaves the other to the grave, the love you shared should be there as comfort. Knowing you experienced true love.
2)      Respect
Avoid talking to each other as if you’re the boss, or you’re the parent and the other spouse is the child. Your spouse won’t respond well with this bossy tone of voice.
3)       Sex
Sex, sex, sex! Doesn’t matter how many years you have been together, the amount of children you have, or how much work you have to do, there should always be time for sex. It brings couples together and keeps them together. Don’t waste time just waiting for it to happen, plan for it and make it happen.
4)       Truth
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth, if you had made a mistake admit it.  It’s not about mistakes only; if your spouse has bad breath or maybe looks awful in an outfit tell him/her. You wouldn’t want someone else doing it for you
5)      Together and Separate Lives
In a relationship your lives collide, two separate personalities coming together. However, your individuality must be maintained. So there must be a balance between being together and being who you are.
6)      Communication
Say it!! State your issues, state how you would love to be loved, in the bed room say how you want it. Hope you get the point.
7)      Forgive
Nobody is perfect, so if your spouse should make a mistake don’t hold a grudge against him/her. It’s childish not talking to each other because of a minor issue when you can simply forgive and move on. He/she didn’t get to the dishes as quickly as you expected/desired, COMMUNICATE your disappointment with LOVE and respect!