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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Positive Side of Interracial Relationships

We are living in a society that’s multicultural, we cannot escape that fact.  I believe it’s an old tradition to “stick with your own kind.” Others believe this too because we are seeing significant growth in these kind of relationships. When these couples integrate the different nationalities and cultures, they are sending a clear message that enough with prejudice, racism and hate.
Interracial relationships offer persons the opportunity to experience, learn and even appreciate diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Interracial couples’ eyes will be open to the beauty of different peoples and nationalities. More significantly, people will learn the true meaning of inner beauty than being so shallow and looking only at the outer shell. This kind of relationships creates harmony between diverse races, strengthening persons, and what is learnt between this relationship enrich the couples.
I won’t argue the fact that interracial couples might have to deal with greater or even the number of challenges that regular couples might have. But it is my personal belief that overcoming these challenges in interracial relationships the couple will become stronger and even more stable.
Love is a very important in all relationships. I am very positive that an interracial couple is capable of deeply loving each other just the same as regular couples.