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Monday, 23 April 2012

Pornography in Marriage

As a wife, if I should discover that my husband is watching porn I would be disappointed, maybe even angry and I would look at him in disgust. It would be a greater issue if he enjoys watching porn more than he does having sex with me.
Many wives would agree with me that pornography viewing is degrading and insulting plus I see it as cheating too, fantasying about other women is cheating mentally. The sad part is that many husbands might not even view pornography use as being mentally unfaithful. Therefore, they won’t understand why their wives are upset.
For several couple watching porn is fine, for me it would tear my marriage apart. Pornography viewing is a real deal breaker for me.
So, I had to do some research on the issue; and I found out that pornography use has direct effect on sexual intimacy between couples. The intimacy level is decreased. I also discovered it is a type of infidelity and it reduces the relationship’s exclusivity. Both husbands and wives see the act as betrayal, because the emotions felt from offline acts are just as authentic as those felt online.  
It’s a personal belief that porn negatively influences you as an individual, and yes your relationships. Since it hurts your loved ones, it is highly likely to build a wall between the couple, driving them apart instead of bringing them closer together. 
For my marriage to be fair, healthy etc I will use my spirituality and religion to guide me on the matter.  Since it’s my choice to rely on God in this decision, pornography use in my marriage is a no no!!
I cannot agree with those who think viewing porn together as a couple is romantic. Why do I need to see another couple get intimate in order for me to feel the need to get intimate too? I am pretty sure there are several other creative options available. A slippery slope for sure!