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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sex and Marriage

It is true that financial problems end the majority of marriages today, but we cannot overlook sexuality and sex is high in the ranking too. I am very positive the experts will agree.
There is a common saying that says “Good lovers are made, not born.”  Therefore, you should not expect your married sexual relationship to happen overnight. Firstly, communication is excellent in solving all problems in a relationship, and it also helps in the married bed. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elderly couple, youthful couple, newlyweds or longer married couple.

When to Discuss Things
Refrain from discussing sexual issues as “pillow talk” conversations.  Keep the sexual negativity outside of the bed. The bed is for fixing the problem after finding the solution. (Smile)
If there is a need to discuss sexual issues, state the problem and do NOT point the blame finger to your spouse.  Set an appropriate time to find solutions to your sexual intimacy. You can even make it a date; discuss it over a glass of non-alcoholic wine.
If you buy sex advice books and don’t discuss it with your spouse beforehand, you’re setting yourself up for creating more issues. You might give the impression you’re blaming your spouse.
Be open to discussing your concerns, fantasies, desires, fears etc. and do so honestly! Remember too not to forget to talk about your likes and dislikes sexually.

I believe that they are different moods and styles of sex.  
The spiritual: Where you are united in soul, body and mind, reflecting your deepest gratitude of being together. This can be accomplished by simply noticing the small instants within your lives.

Angry: Making love even though you are mad at each other. It can really be healing. However, ensure you eventually discuss the problems and have them resolved.

Comical: Have fun laughing and teasing each other in bed.

Tender: Being gentle and romantic, the style of sex that involves candles, light touches, massage oils etc. Ministering to each other how thoughtful God is to have created sex for the married bed.

Lusty: Having sex just because you can! This also includes those quickies!
Married sex is a gift, one that should be shared between the married couple and must be nurtured.